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Skippack Pharmacy is now offering COVID-19 testing. We offer Rapid Antigen Tests and molecular rt-PCR  Lab Tests.

Same day appointments may be available but an appointment is required. Sorry, no walk-ins & all testing occurs from your car – DO NOT ENTER THE STORE if coming for your COVID-19 test.

Skippack Pharmacy offers a self-performed NASAL SWAB. Parents may perform the test on younger children.

Learn how to administer the self-performed nasal swab.

Rapid Antigen Test

Rapid Antigen Tests are recommended for patients with one or more COVID-19 symptoms, with onset within the last 5 days.  There is no minimum age to get tested (for infants/children, a parent may perform the nasal swab).

You will receive your Rapid Antigen results as a TEXT within 60 minutes.  If an email is requested, an EMAIL within the same day.

The cost of the Rapid Test is $50.00 (discounted from $99).   We cannot bill your insurance; however,  you may submit to your insurance company afterwards.

PCR Molecular Test

PCR Molecular Tests are recommended for patients with COVID-19 symptoms with onset more than 5 days ago.  You will receive your PCR Molecular results within 24-48 hours (based on high demand) directly from the partner lab (Resil Health).  If symptomatic or in contact with someone who is positive, the cost of the test is $0.  The PCR test is fully covered by insurance or CARES Act (if you do not have insurance).  There is no minimum age to get tested (for infants/children, a parent may perform the nasal swab).

Your test is sent to our partner lab and the results are emailed to you directly from the lab. Keep an eye out in your SPAM folder, as well.  If you do not receive your results within 48 hours, please email the lab directly at or call 484-534-9311.

When you arrive for your COVID-19 test (both PCR & Rapid):

  1. Please do not exit your vehicle or enter the Pharmacy. Drive around to the BACK parking lot.
  2. Pull up to the LOWEST numbered CONE available.  If no cones are  available, please wait until one opens and then park in front of the cone.
  3. Call 610-584-6979. Follow the prompts for TESTING to check in with our team. We request your patience as our testing specialist works to check you in and come out to you for the test.  The same person who is outside testing is likely the same person who will be picking up your call to check you in.
  4. You do not have to wait once you take the test – we will text you within 60 minutes.