Under 5 Vaccines

Infant/Toddler Pfizer (6months-4years): Dose 1, Dose 2 (~21 days after 1st dose), Dose 3 BIVALENT (~8 weeks after 2nd dose) **if your child has received 3 doses of Pfizer, they are not eligible for the bivalent booster**
Infant/Toddler Moderna (6months-5years): Dose 1, Dose 2 (~28 days after 1st dose), Dose 3 BIVALENT (~8 weeks after 2nd dose)

Upcoming Toddler (Ages 3-5 Years) Clinics at Skippack Pharmacy

Upcoming Infant (Ages 6 Mo-5 Years) Clinics at Skippack Pharmacy

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Clinics are staffed by Nurse Wendy or Nurse Michele.

What to Know About the COVID-19 Vaccine for Children Under 5

Children should receive the age-appropriate vaccine formulation and follow the schedule based on their age on the day of vaccination, regardless of their size or weight.

If a person moves from a younger age group to an older age group during the primary series or between the primary series and receipt of the booster dose(s), they should receive the vaccine dosage for the older age group for all subsequent doses.

Supporting Your Child When They Receive the COVID-19 Vaccine

Receiving the COVID-19 vaccine can be stressful for children. Here are some things you can do to help your child cope:

• Be honest.
• Identify one person to speak to your child in a calm, quiet voice.
• Identify a position that is comfortable for you and your child.
• Provide choices where choices exist: “Would you rather look at the book or blow bubbles?” instead of “Are you ready for your IV now?”
• Use specific phrases: “You are doing a great job taking deep breaths” instead of “Good job.” OR “This may take as long as your favorite cartoon” instead of “We are almost done.”
• Avoid phrases such as “You’re OK,” “Don’t cry” and “Be a big girl/boy.”
• Avoid apologizing for the procedure.
• Teach your child healthy coping strategies to increase confidence and control.

A Reflection on a Past Kids Superhero Vaccine Clinic from Skippack Elementary School (June 2022)