• Immunizations
    It is well documented that the rate of adult vaccinations in the United States is suboptimal. We've teamed up with community health partners to be a center of immunizations. We offer a variety of vaccinations including flu, pneumonia, shingles, and travel vaccines. No appointment necessary, call or stop in for additional details.
  • Best Price Guarantee
    If you value saving money without compromising quality, you've come to the right place. We have a best price guarantee for most medications where we can match or beat the price. Interested in finding out more? Give us a call or shoot us a text & we'll give you a price that will be easier to digest. Need a healthcare product in our store - we stand by our guarantee to 100% beat the price of every normally priced item CVS Pharmacy carries in their store.
  • Prescription Insurances Accepted
    We want to cater to you regardless of which insurance plan you have selected. If you received a letter from your insurance company saying "CVS" or "Walgreens" is your preferred pharmacy; we also encourage you to stop in. You'll be surprised to find the prices are actually the same here. We also accept state and federal insurance plans, as well. If you don't have insurance, don't worry, we'll give you the best price around.
  • Free Prescription Delivery
    We understand that things get busy, you may not be feeling well or you cannot manage to get out of your home or office. Your time and convenience is valuable to us. When it comes to your prescription needs or over the counter items in our store, we have same-day delivery throughout Montgomery County to our customers for free!
  • Medication Synchronization
    Multiple medications and multiple refills causing multiple trips to the pharmacy Not anymore. Skippack Pharmacy is able to reduce your stress and save you time by filling all your prescriptions on the same day every month. We handle everything so you don't have to.
  • Medication Therapy Management
    With Medication Therapy Management, we collaborate with your physician to make sure you are properly educated about your medications. We also review any of your vitamin and supplements to ensure they are safe to take with your prescriptions
  • CBD Products & Counseling
    We have a large variety of Pharmacist-approved and tested CBD products and offer counseling on their use. For more information you can visit SkippackCBD.com.
  • Medication Disposal
    Safely dispose of unused and expired medications at Skippack Pharmacy


Cannot even begin to thank you! My daughter had a little boy 3 weeks ago and now a major formula shortage. Why is there a shortage? I called numerous stores / phamacies today and no luck! I called Skippack Pharmacy not only to be told they do not sell formula but that some kind person donated a tub of the formula and it just so happened to be the formula my daughter needs for her son. They held the formula for me to pick up. We cannot begin to tell you how thankful we are! While we do not know who the donor is, we want that person to know how grateful we are. Bringing a newborn home is stressful enough only to be compounded with the stress of trying to find formula. Never imagined we would be here, but this donor definitely made today a very happy one! We will be paying it forward! Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. Your kindness will never be forgotten!

Bea Coughlan Devlin

I recently discharged a patient from the hospital who needed a less commonly prescribed medication and wanted to ensure the patient would not be without it after leaving the hospital. Spoke directly to the pharmacist-in-charge, Mak, who went out of his way to ensure the patient would receive this drug, even if it meant going somewhere else. Mak, and his team went above and beyond for this patient, as I'm sure he does for all of his clients. Kudos to the entire staff at Skippack Rx. Having interacted with many pharmacists over the years, it is refreshing to speak to another medical professional with such enthusiasm and dedication. Thank you, Mak, for your unwavering commitment to your community!

Dr. Akshay Roy

The best thing about a local pharmacy is the feeling of belonging to a family. Medical things have been crazy lately. This pharmacy has been in our corner through it all. I am so grateful. Its refreshing to be able to call and talk to people who have my family's best interests at heart. Skippack Pharmacy is master of patient-centered care. Thank you.

Nadine Chudoba

Skippack Pharmacy is the most accommodating pharmacy in the area. I live in Pottstown, but have gone out of my way to go to Skippack Pharmacy for all of my Covid-19 needs. Anytime I have needed a vaccine or a test, I have gone to Skippack. They have worked so hard to make testing available, even when there were five hour waits at urgent care and I was being turned away everywhere else and at home tests were unavailable everywhere else back in December/January. I am immunocompromised and I always know Skippack will be sure to get me scheduled for a booster as soon as I am eligible. Skippack Pharmacy is so much more reliable than the big chain pharmacies. They are so friendly. They make sure you know you are able to pick up 8 at home tests in if your insurance covers it, N95 masks free from the government and they have really cute t-shirts for a $5 donation, which goes towards helping those who do not have the means to pay for their medical care. I can't say enough good things about this pharmacy! As someone who has had multiple surgeries and has dealt with many pharmacies in the area, I can truly say this is the best one.

Jackie Doris

Best customer service I have ever received from any pharmacy I have ever dealt with. They cater to your needs and actually show that they care about you and your illness/injury/etc. I used to go to my local CVS before Skippack. Dealing with large franchises like CVS, was so frustrating. I recommend everyone to try it out, you will not be disappointed!

Sean Gallagher