Skippack Pharmacy Accessible Immunization Center

~Located inside Skippack Pharmacy ~Private, sensory-friendly room designed for children and adults ~Appointments for 3+ available Monday-Saturday ~Appointments for 6 months-2 years with our Nurse on select Tuesday/Saturdays ~Flu Vaccine or COVID-19 Vaccines 

Did you know individuals with disabilities are at an increased risk of contracting COVID-19 and progressing to severe illness? At our pharmacy we are proud to create a private, sensory-friendly environment to allow those with autism and other disabilities or needs a safe space to receive their vaccination.
We offer access to noise canceling headphones and sunglasses to reduce any noise and fluorescent lighting that may be bothersome. In addition, we have a stress ball and sensory fidgets available for use during the appointment. To reduce needle pain and fear and provide a distraction, we also have a ‘Buzzy’ which is a vibrating vaccination tool available for use during your vaccination visit. All vaccines are conducted in our private vaccine room to provide a calm environment. Our vaccine check-in process is very quick when you schedule an appointment in advance, and all of our vaccinators are patient and friendly!
Click here for tips on preparing your child for a COVID-19 Vaccine
The development of our room was guided by materials provided by the Autism Society of America.
If you or your child have a fear of needles click the links below for tips and resources to help prepare for your vaccination appointment:
Fear of Needles and the COVID-19 Vaccine: A Guide for Caregivers
Fear of Needles and the COVID-19 Vaccine: A Guide for People with Disabilities

Schedule a Vaccine at Our Accessible Immunization Center

Once you schedule an appointment, please email if there are any specific requests or things our team should be aware of prior to your visit.